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Housed in the liberty building of the Terme Tamerici in Montecatini Terme, the immersive exhibition "Kandinsky - Color Experience" is an unmissable event for art lovers. The exhibition, which will examine some of the most fascinating works of the great Russian artist, uses the latest technologies of virtual reality, projection and video-mapping, to immerse the viewer in Kandinsky's work, surrounding it with lines, colors and sounds .

In a period, the early twentieth century, in which Freud and Jung unveiled the mechanisms of the unconscious and reality was gradually dematerialized thanks to new theories on the atom, even art begins to reflect on itself and to focus on its components essential: shape, color, sign, space. And who better than Kandinsky was able to bring this research to translate the psychic reality on the canvas to such astonishing results? The exhibition path, designed specifically for the prestigious spa, is marked on the basis of the progressive discoveries of Kandinsky, whose research - as is known - began in the northern regions of Russia, where he went as a student to investigate the laws and folklore local and ended up discovering the magic of painting, up to being considered one of the greatest exponents of abstractionism.

The exhibition begins with the d'après de "The Lady of Moscow" (1912) masterfully realized by the best students of Professor Gian Paolo Berto of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, to examine the passage of Kandinsky from the figurative art to the abstractionism, retracing the artist's traces. Afterwards, the viewer will have the opportunity to experience Kandinsky's painting through projections and installations, all on the notes of the famous songs that inspired his art.

To make the exhibition "Kandinsky - Color Experience" a unique event of its kind will be the presence of four locations of virtual reality: through the virtual painting technology, which allows to break down the barriers of two-dimensionality, the viewer will have the opportunity to walk between the artist's brush strokes. The interactive projection instead, which uses the innovative leap motion technology, will allow the viewer to interact with the work of art, creatively moving the elements. The aim of the multimedia exhibition is to lead the viewer into the experience of painting by Wassily Kandinsky, leading him along a mental and sentimental itinerary full of suggestions.

From September 15th to January 13th Montecatini Terme (Pt), Terme Tamerici

Monday to Thursday 9.00am - 1.00pm and 3.00pm - 6.00pm
From Friday to Sunday 9.00 - 22.00

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